A Ruby on Rails eCommerce Build

A 360 photography eCommerce website.
/*Under Construction*/

  • Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, SCSS, Angular.js

  • Launch live site


This project demonstrates a production-ready web app which is able to securely receive credit card payments and make server requests through AJAX and the JSON API. The consumer-focused Rails web app will contain functions such as signing up & in, product ratings & reviews, and roles for different users.

    Consumer Web App

    Routes, Forms, Sending Emails (Mailers, Authentication, Authorization
  • REST (Representational state transfer):
    HTTP methods: GET, POST, PATCH/PUT, DELETE, and CRUD. The Comment Model (migrations and generate the Comment model), Comments Controller & Views (Raty plugin for star ratings), Validation & Pagination, Admin Role & Moderating User Comments (admin flag and role to the users controller, ability for admins to delete comments)

    Production-Ready Web App

    RSpec (BDD (Behavior-driven development), Unit Tests, Functional Tests, and generating test data (FactoryGirl gem to generate test data)
    Payment forms with Stripe API, added the create payment method to the controller, debugging (byebug gem) and security.
    JavaScript on Rails, AJAX, Caching, Redis & Performance strategy, real-time updates with ActionCable, ActiveJob and Advanced ActionCable

Landing Page

Login Form

Only when you've registered an account would you have access to the products show, create and delete abilities

Registration Form

Once user registers, an email will be sent using Sendgrid's API and a custom mailer email will be sent

Contact Us Form

Using Sendgrid's API an email message will be sent to the specified email account with the contact information

Product Page

Example Product

Stripe Payment API

Orders Page

This project has passed all the requirements and achievements as specified below