User Experience Portfolio Build

A build out of Stephanie Del Rio's UX portfolio and it's process

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  • Languages Used:
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery

Project Summary:

  • This project is in collaboration with Stephanie Del Rio who works as a UX Designer and Researcher.
  • She provided the wireframes drawn in sketch and then later transferred them over to adobe illustrator
  • From there I took the illustrator files and exported all the necessary sections

My Process:

  • I started with an HTML5 boilerplate to start off with and inspiration from the Spectral template to be just what we needed
  • Once I learned the code in the template, and learned how to navigate it, I then started to code in custom components
  • Stephanie and I worked very closely at refining the details of her customizations
  • The case study pages are inspired by medium's blog posts (their margins/padding/max-width/etc)
Landing Page
SnapStyle Case Study
SnapStyle Case Study Continued
About Page